St. Ignatius Loyola, founder of the Society of Jesus

The Society of Jesus, which was founded in Rome in 1540 by St. Ignatius Loyola, is the largest order of Catholic priests and brothers in the world. There are roughly 18,000 Jesuits currently serving on six continents and in 127 nations. Jesuits around the world are organized into geographical territories called provinces. Each province is headed by a provincial superior, usually just called the provincial. The provincial of the Calcutta province is Fr. Jeyaraj Veluswamy, S.J. As provincial he was appointed by and reports directly to the Society’s Superior General or Father General. Fr. Adolfo Nicolás, S.J. currently serves as the Society’s Superior General. He is responsible for the governance of the Society of Jesus. Authority for governance is transferred locally to provincials, who are responsible for the care and maintenance of the Jesuits and their apostolates in their province.

Fr. Adolfo Nicolás, S.J.

Born on April 29, 1936 in Villamuriel de Cerrato (Palencia province), Spain. January 19, 2008 he was elected Superior General of the Society of Jesus.

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Fr. Jeyaraj Veluswamy, S.J. Provincial

Fr. Jeyaraj Veluswamy, S.J. is the provincial of Calcutta province. He was named Provincial in 2011.

Fr. Jeyaraj was born on 5 April 1961 to Koppu Sami and Valliammal in Eragapatti village, Tamil Nadu. After completing his schooling in 1976, Jeyaraj went to Madurai Kamaraj University for his pre-university studies in 1981-82. In 1987 Fr. Jeyaraj received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from Vivekananda college, Burdwan.

Fr.Jeyaraj entered the Society of Jesus at Dhyan Ashram. in 1983. His formation as a Jesuit included studies in philosophy at Sacred Heart College, Satyanilayam, Chennai, and theological studies at Vidya Jyoti, Delhi.

From 1995 to 1996, Fr.Jeyaraji worked at Christo Sewa Ashram, Kalna. From 1997 to 2000 he did his Masters in Psycho-spirituality at the Gregorian University in Rome. From 2002 to 2011 Fr. Jeyaraj served as Novice Master at Dhyan Ashram, Calcutta.

Province Consultors

Fr. Sebastian Xalxo S.J. (2009) , Fr. Aelred Gomes S.J. (2011), Fr. Dominic Savio S.J. (2011),
Fr. Jerome Francis S.J. (2011)

Province Officials
Fr. Dipak Gomes S.J.: Province Coordinator for Pastoral Apostolate (JEPASA).
Fr. John Rojerse S.J.: Province Coordinator for Formation (PCF).
Fr. Joseph De Souza S.J.: Ecclesiastical Assistant to C.L.C.
Fr. Felix Raj S.J: State Adviser for AICUF.
Br. Christu Raj S.J.: Province Coordinator for the Brothers.
Fr. Paul Arockiam S.J.: Province Coordinator for Education (PCE).
Fr. Johnson Padiyara S.J.: Province Coordinator for Santal Education (PCSE).
Fr. Dominic Savio S.J.: Province Coordinator for Higher Education (PCHE).
Fr. Saju George S.J.: Prov. Coord. for Social Communication (JESCOM).
Fr. Felix Raj S.J.: Province Coordinator for Alumni/ae Asstn.
Fr. Peter Durai Raj S.J..: Diocesan Director of the ‘Apostleship of Prayer’.
Fr. Salvatore Murmu S.J.: Province Coordinator for Vocation Promotion.
Fr. John Rojerse S.J.: National Promoter of LTS, Province Coordinator for Youth Apst.( JYMSA).
*Fr. Alex Mascarenhas S.J. (JAM): Examiner of Province Funds
Fr. Joseph Pulickal S.J.: Province Coordinator for Social Action (JESA).
Fr. Sebastian Xalxo S.J.: Province Coordinator for Tribal Apostolate.
Fr. Patick Walsh S.J.: Province Coordinator for Dialogue.
Mr Dilip Gomes: Province Promoter of CLC (Bengal Region).


For a better choice of Ministries:
Fr Provincial, Province Consultors, Prov. Treasurer and Prov. Dev. Director, Coordinators of Commissions, Bangladesh Mission Superior, Fr Samikannu Peter (Convenor).

Province Treasurer (Coordinator), Frs. André Bruylants, George Ponodath, Joseph Raj T, Shaju Sacaria, Joseph De Souza, Paul Carlose, Irudaya Jyothi.

Land and Building:
Fr. Thomas Pullenkav (Coordinator),Frs Raphael Hyde, Joseph Mani, Chandan Gupta, Arul Joseph, Br. Christuraj A.

Fr. Dipak Gomes (Coordinator), Frs. Joseph De Souza, Timir B. Singha, Thomas T. J, Kuruvilla Thottam, Sebastian Xalxo, Mahananda Singh, Thomas Verghese, Augustine D’Souza, Aloysius Carvalho , Vinay Kerketta, Eric Tigga, Joseph Mistri,Jayanth Mathew K.

Higher Education:
Fr. Dominic Savio (Coordinator), Frs. Felix Raj, Francis J. Keepuram,Xavier Savarimuthu, Shaju Sacaria,Maria Joseph Israel, Peter Arockiasamy.

School Education:
Fr.Paul Arockiam (Coordinator) , Frs. K.K.Devasy, K.T. Thomas Arockiasamy M. S, Joseph Toppo, Joseph Raj, Pandab Hansda, Benny Thomas, Zenith William, Ajay Ekka.

Santal Education:
Fr. Johnson Padiyara (Coordinator), Frs. Arul Joseph, Irudaya Jothi, E S Joseph, Joseph Pulickal, Thomas Varghese, Pandab Hansda, Marcus Hembrom, Xavier Inigo.

Fr.John Rojerse (Coordinator), Frs. Dominic Savio, Sebastian James, Felix Raj, Peter Arockiasamy, Joseph Toppo, Sebastian Xalxo, Zenith William, Pradeep Perez, Br. Chottu Hembrom, Mr Dilip Gomes.

Social Apostolate:
Fr.Joseph Pulickal (Coordinator), Frs. Probal Gomes, Johnson Padiyara, Irudaya Jothi, Pandab Hansda, John Kerketta,Martin Puthussery, Mourlin Fernando, Br Chottu Hembrom, Mr Biswanath Soren.

Social Communications:
Fr.Saju George (Coordinator), Br Thomas Carlo, Frs Julian S. Das, George Ponodath, Gaston Roberge, Shyamal Makhal, Mr Ashijit Ganguly, Mr Dilip Majumdar.

Formation of Ours:
Fr. John Rojerse (Coordinator), Frs. Zenith William, Joseph Kulandai, Jerome Francis, Patrick Vincent, Cyriac Sebastian, Sajeev Painunkal, Joseph Kallarangatt, Maria Joseph S, K.C Jacob, Pradeep Perez, C John, Rozario Ripon R.
Ongoing Formation: Fr. George Ponodath (Animator), Frs. Patrick Eaton, Pierre Jacob, Samikannu Peter, Patrick Walsh.

Vocation Promotion:  Fr. Salvatore Murmu (Coordinator),
Frs.Ajay K. Ekka, Joseph Toppo, Joseph Raj, Johnson Padiyara, Mahananda Singh, Arulappan R., John Kerketta, Pandab Hansda, Sunny George, Thamacin A., Probal Gomes, Arul Joseph, Arul Raj, Markus Hembrom, Roshan Tirkey.

In Bangladesh:  Fr. Pradeep Perez (Animator); Fr. Ripon Rozario (Asst. Animator).
Inter-Religious Dialogue and Ecumenism:
Fr. Patrick Walsh (Coordinator), Frs. M. Saju George, Andre Bruylants, John Chinnappan (Srijon), Anil Mitra, T.J.Thomas, Mr Dipankar Basu, Mr Amit Dasgupta.

Tribal / Indigenous Apostolate:
Fr. Sebastian Xalxo (Coordinator), Frs. John Kerketta, Vinay Kerketta, Pandab Hansda, Markus Hembrom, Roshan Tirkey, Brs. Naike Marandi, Chottu Hembrom.

Fr. Xavier Savarimuthu (Coordinator), Frs Paul Arockiam, Saju George, Arul Jospeh, John Rojerse, Joseph Pulickal, Thamacin A., Padiyara Johnson, Mourlin Fernando, Mr Saradindu Biswas.

Ignatian Spirituality:
Pierre Jacob, Cyriac Sebastian, Aelred Gomes, Patrick Eaton, Timir Singha, Sajeev Painunkal.