Our Core:

Values: “Ablaze with the compassionate love of God, companions united in Christ’s mission, impelled by the Spirit towards the Magis, in simplicity and solidarity with the marginalized.”

Purpose: “In response to the peoples’ thirst for the fullness of life, to form persons of faith and compassion , of conscience and competence, in order to build humane communities in partnership with people of all cultures and faiths.”

Vision: Bonding among ourselves and with our collaborators. Integral formation, leadership and excellence. Empowering the marginalized.


1. To form discerning, learned and holy men and women rooted in the compassionate love of God, grounded in the Gospel, ignited with the spirit of magis, and always in solidarity with the marginalized.

2. To promote a culture of life, social justice, equality, human dignity, especially of children, women, tribals, dalits and the working class, by forming communities of solidarity.

3. To build communities of communicators committed to liberation, to engage in research and quality programmes, to conscientize and empower, especially rural masses through creative and imaginative use of media.

4. To ignite young minds and hearts to form them as men and women for others to be agents of nation building, peace and harmony.

5. To involve creatively in the secular fabric of India, responding to the local and global issues, (poverty, corruption, displacement of people, globalization, fundamentalism, ecological crisis, etc.) concerning the wellbeing of humanity in partnership with people of all cultures and faiths.

6. To engage in and promote intellectual labour, discovering the creative work of God, recognizing the legitimate autonomy of human inquiry, enhancing the human resource of India through teaching-learning, research and publications. (Calcutta Jesuits – Envisioned Future – Vision, Mission and Action Plans – 2007)